Why Now is the Time to Open a Boutique Fitness Studio


Why Now is the Time to Open a Boutique Fitness Studio

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Never before has the fitness industry been shaken and challenged the way it has over the past 12 months. A global pandemic! Who would have thought? Despite competition within and across the industry, one thing we all agree upon is that our health is paramount and that fitness is an essential service. We believe that as the world starts to get on top of slowing the spread of the virus and vaccinating the masses, NOW is the time to execute your long-held dream of having your own boutique fitness studio. A place where you create positive change for your own community every day and make a true difference to the health of your fans. And here’s why you should do it now: 

  1. You can place more focus on hygiene and safety as a priority during your fit-out and operational setup. Build not just for today, but for the future!
  2. Staffing a boutique fitness studio has lower costs than larger facilities. A skeleton, the full-time team will keep your staffing overheads minimal.
  3. As you offer small group training programs, it’s easier to track participants’ movements and maintain adequate social distancing. Having your fans booking into workouts before coming to the facility, ensures you have real-time data on numbers in the facility at any time.
  4. Boutique programming such as STRIDE, STRIKE, RIDE, FORCE, and BARRE by FIRE has more flexibility to adapt for
    a) numbers participating in a group session and
    b) changing programming to maintain social distancing and offering single-use equipment.
  5. You can offer personalised coaching in small groups with an emphasis on safety and hygiene. This spills over into bathroom and shared spaces where you can manage the number of people in the facility.
  6. When you aren’t running group workouts, your space becomes a high-end 1:1 personal training space. Charge a premium for the luxury of a beautiful, safe space to train and never have your studio go underutilized. And keep that revenue stream pumping!
  7. The community vibe of boutique studios ensures that your fans feel compelled to support you in maintaining cleanliness. Your fans love working out as a tribe and are truly compliant to any “house rules” you communicate.
  8. Marketing your boutique facility as a space that is passionate about exercise as medicine communicates a message that you put the health and safety of your team and fans base above all else. With all the checks and balances in cleanliness that we have adopted, it is much easier to connect and get to know your fans, their needs, goals, and concerns. Educating your fans that now is the most important time to maintain their health and fitness will ensure they feel supported and connected to your boutique space and amazing team.

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