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Your Rockstar Trainers are key to your success. They’re the face of the brand, they’re the people who our fans see and interact with the most, and they’re the ones who help create that world-class experience that FIRE is all about. They have to bring their ‘A’ game every time. Evie Wong, one of our hottest Rockstar Trainers, does just that. You’ll find Evie lighting things up at STRIDE, RIDE and FIRE YOGA Classes at FIRE Batai and Desa Park City. Here is what she has to say about keeping on top of her game.


1. Find your ‘why’

All great leaders have a purpose. It is what drives you, what gets you out of bed, what gets you going to deliver beyond what’s expected. You can only go so far with “I need the money” or “I prefer working out over a desk job”.

Knowing this “why” or purpose is what’s going to take you from being good to great. This requires a little bit of soul searching. So take a step back, take a moment to truly think about it. And once you know your purpose and put all your energy into forging ahead with it. You’ll never go astray with that “why” guiding you.

2. Get educated

As a trainer, your learning never stops. Your fans put their trust in you so you owe it to them to know your stuff. Think about this, you have people who don’t know you, coming into your class, betting on you to get them the results they’re looking for – this is trust, and the worst kind of betrayal is getting injured in a class from wrong instructions or the lack thereof. Your knowledge and guidance makes the difference from them having a fantastic experience or a bad one.

For a trainer, knowledge doesn’t just include fitness. Brush up on your motivational skills, understand the psychology behind what pushes people – it will all come together to make you a more holistic and awesome Rockstar Trainer.

See education as an investment in yourself and your growth. Get learning and you’ll see the payoff come soon. So spend the money, study and apply that knowledge into every one of your classes. The fans will notice and they’ll spread the word.

3. Connect

Get a real connection going with your fans. Don’t just stop at “Hello” or “How are you”. Go deeper and get personal. Know and remember their names, observe and show them that you’ve been watching out for them with a “You’ve improved” or “How’s your knee today?”.

These little touches will make all the difference. Your fans will feel like they are cared for when you remember their worries and celebrate their progress. Think of it as giving your fans as much of a personal training experience as possible within a group class setting. After all, this closer connection is what separates a boutique gym from a big box one and makes FIRE so different from the rest.