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At FIRE, we do more than just teach our community workouts. Our mission has always been to light up the life of our fans. Even when they’re lacking a spark, we’re right here to keep them motivated. This is what keeps them hooked. Here are some tips to keep your fans fired up and coming back for more.


1. Keep It Real

Form real connections with your fans. Don’t underestimate the power of just having a conversation. Get your Rockstar trainers to talk with them, before and after classes. Or organize special classes or workshops to bring them together. It’s a great way to bring the FIRE community closer. They’ll spread the word to their community and bring even more fans to the studio.

2. Put The Fans In The Spotlight

The fans are your number 1. Everything we do is to give them the best experience inside and out of the studio. So, make them feel known and empowered. Give a shout-out to a fan on social once in a while. Share their journey and tag them in your post for all the world to see. This will help keep that engagement going.

3. Keep Things Fresh

Part of the success of FIRE is our wealth of routines. Monotony is never part of our vocabulary. Change up your programmes and routines so it’s a surprise every time your fans step in. Not only is this a great way to avoid fitness plateau, it’s a fantastic way to constantly keep your fans excited.

4. Have More Celebrations

Part of the draw of a boutique studio is the engagement and the community. Plan plenty of events to celebrate with your fans. This could be milestones, holidays or any other reason to spark off a get-together. Invite your fans, take pictures, get them to share on social. This will keep the buzz going and more people interested to be part of the FIRE community.

5. Bond Over Beats

Great music is key to a great workout. It motivates and pushes the fans to keep sweating with the beat. Share your FIRE workout playlist with your fans and enjoy the music together. Better yet, ask them for suggestions to make them feel involved. Add their favourite songs into the FIRE playlist. This will make their excitement and their workouts even more lit.

6. Hear Them Out

There’s no greater tool than good old feedback. Whether it’s on social or in person, get them talking. Ask them about what they love and what they’re not so keen on. This will help your business improve and get your fans excited about being heard.

7. Surprise Freebies

Before or after a workout, surprise them with some healthy snacks or drinks. Especially after a FIRE workout, they won’t say no to any type of fuel.

So, take your pick and run with it or do it all. The more the better, you can never have too much excitement or too much FIRE. You’ll see the results reflected in your business in no time.