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There’s nothing we love more than a full house. For when the people are there, the energy’s there. It’s this buzz that keeps people wanting to be part of the FIRE crowd.

So to get that full capacity ticked, here are 5 FIRE ways so you can keep your stations packed by boosting acquisition and retention – it’s all about getting them in and getting them to come back.


1. Light It Up Outside

Outdoor events can bring traffic and eyes to your station. So plan plenty. Rooftop yoga sessions, neighbourhood runs, group hikes, or community workouts. For your fans, it’s a break in the routine. For you, it’s a way to show off what a FIRE experience can be like to everyone out there. Don’t forget to pack some flyers and offers to passers-by. Make sure your Rockstar Trainers put on some FIRE gear and branding, so the world will know who you are.

2. Light It Up In Malls

If there’s a mall near you, set up a pop-up booth! It’s high traffic so take advantage of it. Bring your biggest smiles and friendliest people. It’s a great way to make your presence felt in the neighbourhood. To keep things exciting why not set up mini challenges to get people moving. For example, challenge people to do 40 squats in 30 seconds. If they can, they’ll get 3 FIRE classes for free!

3. Spread Your Flames on Social

Invest in spreading your flames. Set up Facebook and IG ads to reach out to more people. Keep this going and refresh your assets once in a while to avoid campaign fatigue. Use location-based targeting to get to those who are more likely to sign up at your location. As always, keep that FIRE tone to get people noticing and actioning. Make sure you always have a call to action at the end. Make it easy with a clickable link to learn more about FIRE or to sign up immediately!

4. Open Up to Partnerships

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your neighbours: local juice bars, neighbourhood cafes, or even a nearby-office tower. Get chatting and find an agreement that will work for both of you. Offer their employees or their businesses a special rate or deal to make their traffic become yours. It’s a great way to reach out to even more people and turn them into fans.

5. Be Relevant

To put it simply, it’s all about being on the same page with your target audience. Be interested in what they’re into, post topics that they’re talking about, be current, be trendy.
For example, if the hottest upcoming blockbuster features a fit AF actor, post up a cheeky insta story about how he must be a FIRE fan with a body like that. It will keep the engagement going and the fans talking!

So give these a try. Pick what works for you or do it all, and look forward to lit and packed classes.